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The Top 5 Mistakes Couples Make When Planning a Wedding | Wedding Planner Guest Series

I’m back this week with another post in my wedding planner guest series!

Have you ever wondered what the biggest mistakes couples make when planning their wedding may be? As someone who planned my own wedding, I know what our biggest mistakes were, but for a newly engaged couple in the process of getting started with planning imagine if you could know the top mistakes made in advance from the point of view of a seasoned professional who has seen them occur countless times! Writing for us today is the wonderful Lara Kreutner of SEALED WITH A KISS EVENTS


1. The Ceremony
The reason we have these massive, expensive parties is to celebrate the ceremony of marriage. Sure, it is only a few minutes long sometimes, and the reality is that to make things official, only a few sentences need to be uttered in front of the officiant. Why not put thought into the ceremony? I have clients asking all kids at the wedding to process down the aisle with white balloons (adds ambiance and cuteness overload!) I have had clients say public vows then have private vows where they whisper into each others ears and it was SO romantic. I love when the parents are involved, sharing words of wisdom or notes of hope/excitement. I personally wanted a gospel choir at my wedding – I love their energy! At the end of the day there are so many ways to make your wedding personal, romantic, and memorable so THINK about the ceremony!

On a separate note, I highly encourage pre-marital counseling with a pastor or therapist. It is a huge commitment and its reassuring to know you are both ready and excited for the next step, know how to cope with stress together, and know how to work through disagreements in a healthy way.

2. What Will The Groom Be Doing All Day?
I love when I go to meetings and the bride has her whole day planned to a “T” but when I ask what her beloved will be doing all day while she gets ready with her friends, she hasn’t even thought about it! I like to ask the grooms what would make them relaxed and happy that morning – does it mean a workout? A round of golf? An amazing breakfast burrito? A massage? Let’s try to make his day just as amazing as yours leading up to the ceremony!

3. Not Hiring The Right Vendors
There are SO many incredible wedding vendors. There are also a lot of not-so-great wedding vendors. Part of the reason it’s a great idea to work with a planner from the beginning is that we know who you need to call. Ultimately, you are creating you “dream team” of vendors to make your wedding come to life and be incredible. You likely don’t have the budget to get the “best in the business” in every field but that is OK! As planners we make it our business to know as many people in the industry as possible so that we can refer you to people in your price point and people we think you will get along with. Someone who worked great at your friend’s wedding might not be the right fit for you or might clash with your wedding style – which is just bad for everyone. Call a planner and hire them before you hire any other vendors – trust me it is the BEST investment (and I am not just saying that because I am a planner).

Please don’t “hire” your friends or family! Oh man. This scenario stresses me out. I totally understand why someone would think to “ask a friend” to save money on a specific task but weddings are not the right party to be asking for favors. If you want something done right you hire a professional. I really encourage my clients to consider all of the professional options before they go this route. If you have a friend with a legitimate business contract, who charges you and you are OK with that because you want to support them as small business owners – great! No contract + no charge = no responsibility, liability, and possible failed relationship. When you pay someone for something they are doing you are showing that you respect their talent or service and when you sign a contract you have a form of written legal communication of services/products to be rendered and that person will be held accountable if they aren’t delivered. Trust me on this, just hire professionals who do this regularly and everyone will be happier (including your other vendors!)

4. Don’t Be A Pinterest A-Holic
It’s important to be authentically yourself. Please don’t copy everything you see on pinterest. The chances of it being overdone is quite high and the chances of at least a majority of your wedding guests also having seen them on pinterest is also high. If you are able to find your own style, do it. Don’t get married in a barn because you think it will be more affordable – chances are that it won’t be. Mason jars are hard to hold, and burlap itches and sheds little brown fibers. Signs with kitschy phrases have all come and gone. Give your guests one activity, two maximum and leave it at that. They don’t need a sign for everything.

5. Be nice.
I know, it sounds so simple right? You would be shocked how some people treat their vendors. Appreciate us, tell us when you are happy with our service/product. Most of us are very much people-pleasers in this industry and we love appreciation so much we almost need it. I work hard for all of my clients, but I know personally I work so much harder for clients I know will appreciate it. When you text or email us after 5:00pm and we respond, know that that is not normal business hours and we are likely taking time away from family to appease your concerns. We love you, so try to remember to show us some love back 😉

I hope this was useful for you! Visit my website to learn more about me and my company, Sealed With A Kiss Events!


Lara has been planning weddings for her company Sealed With A Kiss Events since 2009. Though most of her weddings are in California Wine Country or San Francisco she travels all over the country planning romantic, authentic, amazing weddings for her clients and recently opened a second branch in Phoenix, Arizona. She loves her job and is passionate about helping her clients have the best day of their lives. Her work has been featured on Style Me Pretty, Once Wed, Ruffled, Snippet and Ink, Wedding Sparrow, Magnolia Rouge, 100 Layer Cake, Ruffled, Wedding Chicks, The Knot, Green Wedding Shoes and Inspired By This.

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