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Venue Spotlight: Santa Lucia Preserve | Northern California Wedding Venue

Welcome back to our Spotlight on Venues series! We are excited to share some of our favorite wedding venues in Northern California with you. My name is Katy, I’m Ginny’s background assistant and an admirer of all things beautiful. Let’s take a look at (one of my personal favorites) the insanely gorgeous, things-dreams-are-made-out-of, stunning venue that is the Santa Lucia Preserve.

The Santa Lucia Preserve located in the Santa Lucia Mountains east of Carmel, California. It is not only a jaw dropping wedding venue, but a working farm and member-owned community and conservatory. The members of the Santa Lucia Preserve are committed to sustaining and protecting the land, enhancing its natural resources and wildlife that thrives there. It is the ideal wedding venue for natural lovers with a taste for rustic elegance.

The 18th century California Rancho has a vibrant landscape, providing breathtaking views for you and your wedding guests. The warm feel of untarnished natural elements will bring you a true connection to the earth around you – all while adding some luxury items into the mix. Imagine being surrounded by 100-foot tall redwood tree spires and hearing the breeze glide through the trees, while lounging on high-fashion velvet chairs and couches you find only in magazines. The Santa Lucia Preserve lets two worlds collide to bring an unforgettable nature-meets-luxury experience to life.

Before your ceremony starts at the Santa Lucia Preserve, you can explore the pathways lined with weathered wood fences, amidst lush green mountainsides rolling in the background. Following down the earthen path through the forest, your private and stunning wedding ceremony will take place in front of tall redwood trees stretching up to the sky, while the sunlight dances between the branches and leaves. The feel of romance will only grow as your wedding continues in the historical barn with high ceilings, exposed beams, string lights and dark aged wood. If you want to sneak away with your partner, you can cozy up below twisting trees dripping with breezy moss. Then head on back to the barn to dance and finish the night surrounded by your family and loved ones.

Venue Type: Farm / Ranch / Country Club / Forest / Nature / Outdoor / Indoor / Historic Building

Wedding Style: Rustic / Romantic / Vintage / Glamorous / Whimsical / Country / Elegant

Here are some moments from Kaylee + Mike’s big day at the Santa Lucia Preserve.

Santa Lucia Preserve Carmel Wedding_0000.jpg
Santa Lucia Preserve Carmel Wedding_0001.jpg
Santa Lucia Preserve Carmel Wedding_0002.jpg
Santa Lucia Preserve Carmel Wedding_0003.jpg
Santa Lucia Preserve Carmel Wedding_0004.jpg
Santa Lucia Preserve Carmel Wedding_0005.jpg
Santa Lucia Preserve Carmel Wedding_0006.jpg
Santa Lucia Preserve Carmel Wedding_0007.jpg
Santa Lucia Preserve Carmel Wedding_0008.jpg
Santa Lucia Preserve Carmel Wedding_0009.jpg
Santa Lucia Preserve Carmel Wedding_0010.jpg
Santa Lucia Preserve Carmel Wedding_0011.jpg
Santa Lucia Preserve Carmel Wedding_0012.jpg
Santa Lucia Preserve Carmel Wedding_0013.jpg
Santa Lucia Preserve Carmel Wedding_0014.jpg
Santa Lucia Preserve Carmel Wedding_0015.jpg
Santa Lucia Preserve Carmel Wedding_0016.jpg
Santa Lucia Preserve Carmel Wedding_0017.jpg
Santa Lucia Preserve Carmel Wedding_0018.jpg
Santa Lucia Preserve Carmel Wedding_0019.jpg

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