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Father’s Day

Happy father’s day everyone!

As someone who has now spent more of my life WITH my husband than without him (we have been together since I was 16… can you believe it?!) parenthood has been my favorite season of our relationship, and watching him become and grow as a father has been the most wonderful thing to witness. So, because he is at work all day today and we will have to celebrate another day… I’m sharing a few photos from my favorites here 🙂

fathers day_0033.jpg
fathers day_0032.jpg
fathers day_0031.jpg
fathers day_0046.jpg
fathers day_0045.jpg
fathers day_0043.jpg
fathers day_0044.jpg
fathers day_0042.jpg
fathers day_0040.jpg
fathers day_0039.jpg
fathers day_0038.jpg
fathers day_0037.jpg
fathers day_0041.jpg
fathers day_0024.jpg
fathers day_0023.jpg
fathers day_0021.jpg
fathers day_0022.jpg
fathers day_0025.jpg
fathers day_0034.jpg
fathers day_0035.jpg
fathers day_0036.jpg
fathers day_0030.jpg
fathers day_0029.jpg
fathers day_0027.jpg
fathers day_0028.jpg

(Now, I’ll have to save my post for my own father for a different day…. because I’m in the middle of a move and his photos are spread amongst about 5 different hard drives that are currently in sealed boxes lest they face the certain doom of a toddler’s digging-hands… )

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